PCR is used in sexually transmitted diseases
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Hepatitis C virus is a single strand positive strand RNA virus classified in the family Flaviviridae, mainly through blood transmission. The virus is globally distributed with no definite geographical boundaries. About 1% of the world's population is infected with the disease, and more than 50% of chronic hepatitis is caused by HCV infection. In China, the incidence of hepatitis B after transfusion is 2/3, and the remaining 1/3 is hepatitis C, among which 20 - 30% patients develop cirrhosis. Therefore, in order to protect the blood safety and maintain the health benefits of the recipient, it is the trend of the times to find a rapid, simple and accurate diagnostic method and provide early diagnosis for the patients. Detection of HCV, RNA and RNA in serum by PCR fluorescence HCV is an exact marker of viral replication and progression. Therefore, the detection of serum HCV-RNA has become the gold standard for the diagnosis of HCV viremia". The serum titers of HCV infected individuals are usually low, and conventional molecular hybridization techniques are difficult to detect HCV-RNA. In recent years, the development of RT-PCR and nested PCR have greatly improved the specificity and sensitivity of HCV-RNA, and the appearance of fluorescent PCR has pushed the technology to another level. Through the real-time PCR method can directly detect HCV-RNA, greatly improve the detection accuracy of HCV infection, conducive to the early diagnosis of the disease, the window period is shortened by more than 50 days, there is significance in screening the window period of infection and improve the safety of blood transfusion is also very. In addition, HCV RNA is one of the targets to evaluate the efficacy of antiviral therapy. The titer and genotype of HCVRNA can be used as a reference for the treatment and prognosis. During the course of the treatment, the dynamic monitoring of HCV and RNA can also provide the basis for the dosage and time of the clinical medication.

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